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Bag making training courses, tailoring courses and more vocational training programs are now available at your fingertips.

You can balance life's competing demands, like work and childcare, while developing your skills in an online vocational program. Develop new skills today that will build the foundations for you to earn more money.


Learn quickly and easily how to create Handbags, shoes, jewelry, backpacks and much more at your own schedule. Our courses are divided into easy to follow sections with lessons that are 2-3 minutes long.

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Visit our website and shop for all you need to design and produce your own designs. We sell new and used sewing machines, a wide variety of fabrics and other fashion accessories, all available in one location.

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Join our School of Aba Facebook group today to show of your new designs with other creators. Share ideas and build new partnerships to take your business to new heights.

Hi! I’m Aba,

I will be your guide during this new journey to developing and expanding your knowledge. We have brought together several expect instructors to educate you on the best tools and techniques to create and develop different items.

You can become the next Deola Sagoe or even Michael Kors all from taking this first step.